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Rithu Enterprises provides the free installation for all the clients in past 6 years.


We have 6+ years experienced workers in the Pigeon netting for balconies.


we are providing the best quality nylon pigeon nets for our clients.

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About pigeon nets for balconies

Pigeon Netting For Balconies have an extraordinary place with outside fresh air. At whatever point People need to invigorate Mind they visit the Balcony. A few people make their Balconies as like a garden and develop plants for natural air. More often Pigeons go to the Balcony and make it dirty and most Worst. That is the reason we are giving Pigeon Nets for Balconies.

Our Pigeon nets will center to clear this issue with a free and great quality Nets. We ensure you get all the highlights of the security nets with guarantee. Everybody the gallery since it gives genuine feelings of serenity and assists with getting more thoughts for what’s to come. Here are a few instances of the day by day schedules of our life, at whatever point we wake promptly toward the beginning of the day you have to take some espresso or tea in open gallery regions.

In any case, these territories were extremely messy as a result of the pigeons to recoup this issue our overhang safety nets will assist you with fixing security nets with Experienced workers in such unclear areas.

We are specialists at establishment, our whole system is made by utilizing the best quality material under the talented people. We will give different sizes and net materials with 100% free Installation.

Toxic Foods Your Bird Should Never Eat While most birds take small sips and tilt their heads backwards when consuming, pigeons are able to dip their payments into the water and drink constantly, without having to tilt their heads back. In cities they typically resort to scavenging human rubbish, as unprocessed grain may be unimaginable to search out. Pigeon groups usually consist of producers, which locate and procure food, and scroungers, which feed on meals obtained by the producers. Generally, groups of pigeons contain a larger proportion of scroungers than producers. The grownup of the nominate subspecies of the rock dove is 29 to 37 cm (11 to 15 in) long with a 62 to seventy two cm (24 to twenty-eight in) wingspan.


No, we don’t charge for inspection of your site.

Yes, we will give 6 years warranty for all types nets.

Yes, But some limitation are there Examples: any damages, less quality net.

yes, you will get two types of discounts. one is referral discount and other is online booking.

Fasten a board or piece of cardboard on top of your unit at a 45-degree angle so the birds can’t land on top of it. When they land on the angled side, they will slide off. Spread bird netting across the window ledge where the air conditioner sits. This will prevent the birds from landing.


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Rithu Enterprises is best pigeon netting service in Hyderabad. they offers quality safety nets with free installation and there workers are very experienced in all types fixing.
If you are looking for the pigeon nets then you are at the right place. Rithu Enterprises offers the best custom nets for your house, so don't waste money.
Swetha Agrawal
After doing research for many net fixing company. I found the best one that is Rithu Enterprises, i strongly recommend this safety nets was the best one.​
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